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Neuroscience Doctors in Hyderabad

Pranahitha Hospitals offers a comprehensive Neurological service from prevention and diagnosis to treatment. Patients benefit from in house dedicated team comprising of Neurologists, Neurosurgeons and other specialists who work closely to provide personalized care.

At Pranahitha Hospitals the patient’s needs are always put at the center of every decision and together they unleash the healing power of humanity.

Just as neurological disorders affect a patient’s entire body, the belief is treating patients means taking care of the whole person. That is why the endeavor is to make sure patients have the support and educations opportunities they need to move forward with their life.

In addition to diagnosis and treatment, the neurologists here help a person through rehabilitation after surgery or neurological events.

The state-of-the-art Neuro-critical care makes it one of the most elite hospitals in India with all advanced neuro monitoring system.


STROKE : Stroke and its effects require a multi disciplinary team with special knowledge in stroke care which is available at Pranahitha Hospitals. A cutting edge facility is dedicated and entirely devoted to stroke patient care.

NEUROMUSCULAR DISORDERS: This branch encompasses a range of conditions that impair the functioning of the muscles, either directly, being pathologies of the voluntary muscle, or indirectly, being pathologies of the peripheral nervous system or neuromuscular junctions.

GENERAL NEUROLOGY: This department involves comprehensive care for a wide range of neurological conditions. The treatment includes medicines, devices like nerve stimulators, injections for pain, guidance for lifestyle changes and referral to physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and/or psychological counseling

EPILEPTOLOGY: This is a branch of Neurology which focuses on the study and treatment of Epilepsy which is a neurological disorder characterized by repeated seizures.

VASCULAR & ENDOVASCULAR NEUROSURGERY: Vascular neurosurgery and Endovascular neurosurgery are both modalities to treat vascular lesions of the central nervous system such as aneurysms, arteriovenous malformations, tumors and fistulas.

INTERVENTIONAL NEUROLOGY & STROKE: Interventional Neurology uses tools that pass through the blood vessels to diagnose and treat diseases and conditions rather than open surgery

PEDIATRIC NEUROLOGY: This refers to a specialized branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis and management of neurological conditions in neonates (newborns), infants, children and adolescents


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Pranahitha Hospital is committed to provide the highest quality of medical care to people. Our team of highly experienced experts offer advanced treatments to patients using cutting-edge diagnostic and therapeutic technology.

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