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Best Vascular Surgeon in Hyderabad

Vascular Surgery is the surgical speciality that focuses on the vascular system -  Blood Vessels and large and small- as well as the Lymphatic system, which moves infection fighting white blood cells through the body

Good Vascular health is essential to good overall health. When blood flows easily through the body, it delivers the oxygen and nutrients the tissues and organs need. It also delivery blood back though veins to the lungs to exchange carbon dioxide for more oxygen. Damaged or diseased blood vessels prevent blood from flowing normally which can lead to problems ranging from mild spider veins or varicose veins.

A healthy Lymphatic system is also crucial. The tissues, vessels and organs that make up the lymphatic system carry waste to the liver and kidneys to be filtered out of the blood, help keep infection at bay, and maintain bodily fluids

Vascular Surgeons at Pranahitha Hospitals have the required experience and advanced training in preventing, diagnosing and treating Vascular diseases.



Blockages in the arteries and veins

Blood clots


Varicose veins

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